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Dear Prof. Reale,

Thank you for citing the Clendinning-Marvin anthology and its coordination
with the Musician¹s Guide texts.  Our intent with the anthology is to give
students a complete musical context for the short examples that appear
throughout the text.  With our spiral-learning approach, students revisit
pieces over and over again, adding new layers of understanding on each
³visit.²  We encourage students to listen to complete works (not just short
snippets), so that they can build a repertoire of familiar pieces and so
that music theory will seem more relevant to real music making.   To that
end, we include repertoire that students might perform and diverse
instrumentation for students in different performance areas.

Of course the works in the anthology may be used to teach many other aspects
of harmony, counterpoint, and form than those specifically discussed in the
text.  A topical index would be helpful for teachers in preparing lessons
and additional assignments.  In fact, we did have an ³Index of Teaching
Points² in the first edition of the anthology, which you can still consult
for the many pieces that have stayed the same between editions.  However,
with the  the large number of new musical works that we added to the new
edition and the reality of publishing deadlines, we simply were unable to
prepare such an index for the 2nd edition.  Norton does provide an
instructor website, however, and we could certainly prepare a new index to
be posted there if this were desired.  In fact, if there are book adopters
who have particular topics or good examples from the Musician¹s Guide
repertoire that they would like to see in this index, we would be happy to
hear about it and to place it in the index when it gets prepared.  Please
reply to one of us privately; we would be grateful for your input.  Many
thanks, Betsy Marvin

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