[Smt-talk] Source on quote on performance and analysis

Daniel Roca drocacan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 06:43:39 PST 2012

Dear collective wisdom:

This should be an easy one. In collecting information on analysis and performance issues, I stumbled upon a quote I cannot recall its precise formulation or author.
I even don't know if I read it in Spanish or English. It is something like: "Every performance is in some way an analysis, and every analysis a performance". I was confident it was Rink`s in his article in "Musical Performance: A Guide to Understanding", but I could never find it again. And an observation in Rink's review of Berry's "Musical Structure and Performance" lends me to think it could be from Meyer's "Explaining Music".
Good old googleing hasn't helped either.

Can someone enlighten me?

Mark Twain: Haz siempre lo correcto. Esto gratificará a algunos, dejará atónitos al resto.

Daniel Roca
drocacan at gmail.com

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