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Sat Dec 29 14:13:35 PST 2012

Dear collective wisdom:

Many thanks for so many hints and help in my search of  a quote similar to: "Every performance is in some way an analysis, and every analysis a performance".

Proposed sources have been:
-Several Cone's texts including Musical Form and Musical Performance: I must confess I haven't read this one, although I have read extensive reviews and commentaries from it.
I don't think that Cone otherwise excellent ideas include a strong enough parallelism between A and P as suggested in my quote. I cheked every Cone article I have, but it isn`t there. Thanks to Michael Quinn, Deborah Rohr, Charise Hastings, Sam Bivens and Roger Graybill.
-Neal Newton and Patrick Fitzgibbon suggents Agawus response to Kerman's "how to get out" article. Indeed, some things Agawu states (specially in Analysis as Performance) come very close.
Patrick also suggests Lewin 1986 and Adorno's 1969 "problems of musical analysis" lecture.

Today, I found an old notes file (Unnamed.txt, no less!, created feb 2009) where I first collected my notes on these matters. There I wrote "Every A is a P and every P is an A (in Spanish of course)" (Rink in Rink Alianza [that stands for the Spanish translation (2006) of Music Performance: A guide to understanding) followed by other similar ideas from that book and others.
Since I double checked and I think the phrase as stated (nor the idea of the chiasmus Patrick has noted) also does't appear in Rink's Preface or in his article "Analysis and (or?) Interpretation" I tend to think now that I made the sentence myself combining several ideas on that article.
So I am seriously thinking in claiming credit to it (as long as no one comes up with a prior occurrence).

In Spanish it should be "De alguna manera, toda interpretación es un análisis y todo análisis una interpretación". In English, maybe "In some way, every performance is an analysis, and every analysis a performance" (although I am not completely sure about the euphonics of it)

Thank you all for your help. The process has been enlightening

Daniel Roca
Higher Conservatory of the Canary Islands
drocacan at gmail.com

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