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In this context we probably shouldn't overlook the Morris Major and (far more popular) Morris Minor, both from the 1950s.  I doubt there are many models of either to be seen over here in the States, except on PBS Masterpiece.  I'm not sure if Morris intended any musical references in the names, or if they were purely denoting a functional hierarchy.

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> What do you all make of the latest trend of Asian car manufacturers naming their cars after musical terms?
> We already have Hyundai's "Sonata" and "Accent" (two of my own major areas of research).  Then there's Kia's "Rondo."  And just today I read about a new electric car from China named "Coda."  (I suppose a "Cadence" can't be too far in the future.)  
> Clearly there's a prestige factor associated with music in Asia that doesn't seem to resonate with North American or European makers.  
> Have I missed others?  
> Wishing you all a pleasant summer!
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