[Smt-talk] Caution versus Generalization

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I rely here on Harrison¹s excellent survey of Riemann¹s followers: Did not
Hermann Erpf simplify Riemann¹s functions down to just two: T or D?

Not quite a household name, but perhaps shows the dangers of reductionist
theories like Riemann¹s. (Insert emoticon here.)


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On 8/28/13 4:25 PM, "Nicolas Meeùs" <nicolas.meeus at scarlet.be> wrote:

>   Dimitar,
>  I fail to imagine ANY theory of harmony having "repudiated" the subdominant
> function. If this once again is an attack against Schenker, let me repeat that
> you are very much mistaken, that there is nothing of the kind to be found in
> any of Schenker's writings. If you are thinking of some other theory, I'd be
> very interested to know.
>  Nicolas Meeùs
>  Université Paris-Sorbonne
> Le 28/08/2013 01:23, Ninov, Dimitar N a écrit :
>> All in all, I think that the repudiation of the subdominant function ...
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